Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Compressions Brand Adjustable Velcro Neoprene Knee Support Brace Review

Ok ,for those of you have been reading my blog/social media for a while now know I have been having a few health problems. Auto immune issues along with my knee hurting due to a work injury. with that being said I was asked to review a knee brace and this is how I felt about it.

 What the site states:
"Adjustable Velcro (customize your size), Neoprene (it's breathable) with Spring Steel Side Stays (for more lateral support) knee brace for all activities.

*What can you look forward to? This brace provides support and relief for Arthritis, Tendonitis, ACL and Meniscus tears. It stabilizes the knee to provide support even laterally.

*One size fits 12" to 18" knee circumference with velcro fastenings to adjust the tension exactly where needed.
Other benefits include silicon anti-slip strips to prevent slipping. Very comfortable compared to similar knee braces without being bulky. Light, breathable and flexible. Just the support your need to regain confidence while exercising."

This knee brace is great for a wide variety of knee issues and  gives great support.  It has a no-slip grip on them wich i love since I do not have to keep re adjusting it, My knee  tends to get really sore and locks up but  when using this brace I  get a lot of relief from the pain.  I also love  that it is a compression one since most braces didn't seem to get tight enough for me.

My fiance who has bad knees ( from the military) also loves it. though he has 2 braces the VA has given him he will still wear this one when I am not wearing it.

Fully recommend to anyone with knee pain/injuries!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. What I read on this site has been helpful encourages me!