Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bouchard chocolate Review

This review is for those of you dark chocolate  lovers out there. Bouchard chocolate  makes a dark chocolate  that is 72% cacao.   if your mouth is watering and it should be please continue reading. 

Disclosure: One or more of these products may have been given to me for free for review purposes, All opinions are 100% my own and I would only recommend products that I love and think my readers will love.

From their site
We believe chocolate is best in its purest form, which is why we use natural ingredients to create our signature Napolitains. These prepackaged chocolate bites are a perfect grab-n-go treat. Browse through our four fantastic flavors to learn more about the authentic taste of Bouchard’s Napolitains."

My Review:
 When I first received the chocolates I did not want to share with anyone as I'm sure many of you  chocolate lovers out there would understand. But I did share them with my fiance , as well as his aunt and uncle.  To say they were well liked would be and understatement.  I ended up leaving them with a few more to enjoy later :) .

They taste amazing and are very smooth with a strong dark chocolate taste.  All 4 of us  loved them  and could not stop thinking of things to add them to like ice cream.   The single  wrapped package is great since you will only need 1 or 2 with how rich they are.

I would recommend this to ANYONE who loves dark chocolate as well as anyone who would love to try it . #BouchardChocolate  It is also sold at costco! so for those of  you with a membership id said its a MUST BUY :)

They have many other flavors as well including dark chocolate mint.

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