Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pique Tea review

Like tea, but hate how long  it takes  to makes? Running out the door and  do not have time ? Then this Product and review are  for you!
Disclosure: One or more of these products may have been given to me for free for review purposes, All opinions are 100% my own and I would only recommend products that I love and think my readers will love.

Pique Tea has crystallized tea and  put it in single serving packs. The Tea can be mixed into Hot or cold water.

I was given a variety pack so I could try  more then one flavor . I prefer cold/sweet tea and my Fiance Prefers hot tea so I had him also try them with me.

We both love how much easier it is to pour and go instead of having to have it steep. I drink tea in the morning and bring it in a thermos to work, thought I try and let its  steep before work some times I have to have to put it in and head to work which leaves it way to strong for me( my drive to work is 15 min).  with the packets I no longer have to worry about it. I can pour it in add in my honey and go.

My fiance likes  how fast they are as well  since normally hes to lazy and asks me to make him tea :P  but now he can put our kettle  on and once the water is ready just pour it along with the packet in and be ready to go.

All of the flavors taste great as well :) You really can not go wrong with any of them. They are sold in single flavor packs and variety packs at their store in  SF California or their website 

you can check out their other social media here:
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