About me

About me:
Im a 22 year old that loves to try new products and share my opinion and my experience with new products. I live with my 
fiance, our 4 dogs, 2 cats, a bearded dragon, and fish ( 1 salt tank and 1 Fresh water tank)

Our animals are like our children. They are beyond spoiled.

 Maddee  1 of our staff-shire bull terrier shes 3 years old
 From right to left: Keylee our Red Bone hound (2 years old)& Roxy( Maddee's sister ) our other Staff-shire bull terrier
 Kenzee( and Keylee in the back) our Catahoula Leopard Dog(2 years old)
 Abbie( 1 1/2)
Gracie (14 years old)

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