Sunday, November 24, 2013

Alki Organix Review

Alki Organix

About Alki Organix from thier site:
"Luxury, Indulgence & Healthy Skin the Natural Way! 

You take care to eat delicious healthy food,
take care to feed your skin delicious healthy food too!

   Have luxurious skin care products you love and beautiful skin and stop slowly poisoning yourself with chemicals and preservatives in your skin care products!
What's in a bottle of ALKI ORGANIX  Balms? 

ALKI ORGANIX formulas keep to a strict standard of a minimum of 80% organic ingredients, & many formulas are over 90%, but all are 100% truly natural ingredients.

100% of the GOOD STUFF:
· Natural and Organic Skin Loving Oils & Butters
· Organic Beeswax
· Organic Lecithin
· Organic Witch Hazel Extract
· and/or Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother
· 100% FUN!

· ZERO % artificial or synthetic ingredients
· ZERO % parabens, synthetic preservatives, sulfates
· ZERO % butters made with hydrogenated oils
· ZERO % water
· ZERO % animal testing

ALKI ORGANIX Balms are serious natural skin care, & because the formulas are made without water all those toxic preservatives are not required. But healthy & natural doesn’t have to be boring—let’s have some fun & a bit of beauty in life too! It’s good for the soul!

Available in 1oz & 2oz sizes with colorful and attractive labels for an eye catching display —But don’t let size fool you!  These balms are super concentrated and because there’s no water (which actually can dry skin) less is needed over time. Your skin is healthier, and stays healthier looking longer.  A one ounce bottle will last as long or longer than an 8 or 10 oz bottle of regular lotions!

You’ll love the luxurious formulas & how healthy your skin is and how wonderful your skin feels when you use ALKI ORGANIX  Balms."

I was given the chance to try three of her products:

First of all before I tell you about my reactions to this product let me first tell you about my skin.
I have very sensitive acne pron skin as well as cystic acne. For those of you who do not know cystic acne can be very hard to get rid of without going to a dermatologist. Along with all of that I also have rosacea.

Now on to my review:
The first thing I tried was the MANUKA HONEY FACIAL. I LOVE how my face felt after just ONE use. It left my face feeling clean and smooth! Because it is so moisturizing you do not need to use any face lotions with it. Though if you CHOOSE to use a lotion with it the I would recommend one of her Balms like her  Chocolate Orange Balm, OR a Sweet Honey & Orange Balm. Both balms feel amazing on your skin and I have NEVER used anything that was more moisturizing! I tried both balms on my face and my body. Not only does it leave your skin soft but for ME it helped reduce the look of stretch marks as well. Though keep in mind that is only my experience with them and yours may differ from mine. The only thing I did not like about the balms is the way the Chocolate Orange Balm smells. Otherwise everything I tried was AMAZING and I would  highly recommend it.

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