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**Disclaimer : I received  products in exchange for a review. All my thoughts and views are 100% my own!**

Its a prepaid card that lets you choose from hundreds of designs  with no need to get approved. You can Set up direct deposit, load with cash at Western Union, or transfer from PayPal or your bank account. Your monthly account fee of $5.95  is waived when you load at least $800 in  to your account.

"Here is a list of the fees from their site:
Enrollment: No fee
Monthly Maintenance: $5.95 per month*; waived when you load at least $800 in the prior thirty (30) days via direct deposit.
Card Activation: No fee
Inactivity: No fee
Domestic ATM Cash Withdrawal: $3.00 (per transaction)
International ATM Cash Withdrawal: $3.00 (per transaction)
POS Transactions: No fee
Over-the-Counter Withdrawals: $3.00 (per transaction for both domestic and international)
Value Load (Direct Deposit): No fee
Value Load (Retail Location): No fee
Voice Response Unit (VRU) Inquiry: No fee
Customer Service Live Agent: No fee
Balance Inquiry: $1 (per inquiry)
Domestic and International ATM & PIN transactions: $1.00 (per transaction)
Card Account Liquidation: $7.00 (charged if a check is issued for funds on your Card account and Card account is closed)
Paper Statement: $2.00 (per monthly paper statement requested)
Expedited Card: $20.00 (per card; when Card is expedited and reissured or replaced for any reason)
Foreign Currency Conversion: 2.95% (per transaction)
Replacement Card: $7.50 (We do our best to protect you. If your card is lost or stolen, email or call (888) 884-5969 and we'll immediately replace your card and ensure your funds are secure)"

My Review:
They have some many card to choose from it can be hard to pick just one. After 20-30 minuets I chose one of their autism awareness cards because  a child that I baby sit is autistic. He is such an amazing young boy joy to be around and I love to help spread  awareness to it any way I can!

The card is easy to load, as well as use since you can use it where ever visa is excepted! I also LOVE the fact that  they have SO many card to choose from so you can show your own style/ personality with your card.

I would recommend to anyone looking for a prepaid card! Social media

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**Disclaimer : I received  products in exchange for a review. All my thoughts and views are 100% my own!**

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