Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Orange Glad August Review

Orange Glad August Review
**Disclaimer : I received  products in exchange for a review. All my thoughts and views are 100% my own!**

Orange Glad Sweet Box:
For those of you like me who LOVE sweets this box is for you! For $15+S&H you can have sweets sent to your door monthly! 

Here is a list of what I received in august box!

*Chocolate Sprinkled Crispycakes
From: The Crispery Crispy Cakes

*Pineapple Coconut Biscotti
From: Hottie Biscotti

*Lemon Frosted Sugar Cookies
From: Gianna’s Homemade Baked Goods

*Gourmet Popcorn
From: Popcornopolis

*Chocolate Cake Bites
From: I Live for Dessert

** Extra in the box honey stir stick**


Of the box:
First of all I love the idea of getting different treats delivered to our door. For only $15 + sh&h  you can have yummy new treats delivered each month. 

Of the treats:
Both my boyfriend and I were excited when we received this box since we LOVE sweets! Everything in the box was amazing and I wish you got so much more of each treat. The only treat I did not like was the Chocolate Cake Bites
From I Live for Dessert. I am surprised by the fact that I did not like them since i'm a HUGE chocolate lover, Pretty much anything made of chocolate I love. My favorite  treat from the box was the Gourmet Popcorn From: Popcornopolis, it was so amazing I wish they has sent a bigger package of it!

 I would more then recommend this to anyone who loves sweets and trying new treats!

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