Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dollar Shave Club Review

    Dollar Shave Club Review

**Disclaimer : I received  products in exchange for a review. All my thoughts and views are 100% my own!**

Dollar Shave Club is a monthly subscription service that send you razors( the handle and 4 blades) once a month or bi monthly with their Not-So-Hairy Plan as well as  2 optional add on's. When signing up you have  3 different options to choose, $1, $6, and $9. 

$1 option:
5 Cartridges per Month
A great basic shaver, for guys who dig simplicity & precision
2 Stainless steel blades
Reliable; this is the ’82 wagon that starts when the temp’s below zero

Lubricating strip moisturizes and soothes the skin

4 Cartridges per Month
The last razor you’ll ever need; a gentle shave in a single stroke
4 Stainless steel blades
You will love this razor; and your girlfriend can use it too

Wide, open back for fast, easy rinse

4 Cartridges per Month
The final frontier; it’s like a personal assistant for your face
6 Stainless steel blades
Special trimmer edge built in for the professional

This blade comes from the future and lives in outer space

 I was recently offered the chance to review their $6 package along with Dr.Carver's shave butter and One Wipe Charlies men's wipes.

You are able to add the wipes in your box for $4 and the shave butter for $8.

For this review I let my Boyfriend Try everything out. The first thing he noticed is  the grip on the end of the razor( you can see it in the last photo).He loves the grip because it made it easy to hold and a lot easier to hold on to while shaving in the shower. The razor gave him a close shave without any irritation, It quickly became his favorite razor!  As for the wipes and the shaving butters. Though we liked the idea of the wipes my boyfriends did not like the cooling "minty" type of feeling it left be hind. Though please keep in mind that its a personal preference and others out there may like them. He was however VERY pleased withe the Shave butter, though I advise to apply it like the card says to and NOT like the bottle says it. The card says  to pat it on and leave it for about 15 seconds before shaving. When he used the shaving butter it left his skin soft and smooth and also shopped him from getting ingrown hairs and irritation bumps.

We will be signing up to stay on the subscription service for him. You can not beat the price! Normal razor refills are anywhere from $13-$17  and then when you include the gas and your time there is NO reason NOT to switch to this monthly box!

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**Disclaimer : I received  products in exchange for a review. All my thoughts and views are 100% my own!**

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  1. Love the razor but the service is poor. You buy a one month pack of blades, they MAIL you the new ones. Since it's snail mail it takes about 8-10 days to get to the East coast. I'd pay extra for more reliable faster shipping.