Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shamrock Soap Etsy Review

  Shamrock Soap Etsy Review

Here is a little about the shop:
                "Inspired by Ireland. Made in Wisconsin. Every soap has its story.
             I make handcrafted soaps, body balms, lip balms, lotions, bath salts and bath bomb" 

Here is what I received for review:
Chocolate bath salts,Irish mint bath bomb,Body Balm vetyver solid, Irish cream soap.

My Review:
First thing I noticed was the smell coming from the bag, even with all the smells mixing it still smelled amazing!

The First thing I tried was the body balm solid in vetyver , Not only does it smell amazing but it also feel amazing on your skin and you dont have to rub it in with your hands.
Its quick and easy to use, you just  remove the top push up and rub on your skin.

Both the Irish mint bath balm and chocolate bath  salts leave you feeling relaxed and as well as your skin smooth. Though the chocolate one left me with a craving  for actual chocolate!

The Irish cream soap smells amazing just like everything else that they sent me! I do not know how it compares to actual Irish cream  but I do know that the soap smells great! Not only does it leave your skin clean and feeling moisturized but the yummy scent is left behind on your skin making you smell just as yummy!

Not only  do I fully remcomed their products but they prices are great as well!
to check out their products take a look ate their Etsy and Facebook!


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