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GoFavor Is a website that sales clothing jewlery and more at low prices. when I emailed them they told me to pick out $25 worth of product to review. Here is what i choose:

Review: My first thoughts when I received  the package was that everything seemed like good quality.  I decided to wear the necklace earrings and  the turtle neck shirt all together to  properly review the products...and that is when the problems started.

Within one hour the necklace broke twice! I  was able to fix it the first time( a loop that holds the chains opened up) the second time I was not able to because the loop broke in half.
Also within the first hour TWO buttons fell off the turtle neck shirt. and the seems on the inside started coming apart.

The earrings though are still in great shape and I have won them  a few times now.

The long sleeve bow shirt  quality is good, I just wished they had more sizes for US, size people. the shirt length ended up being a half shirt unlike how long it is in the picture above. I know this is because a lot of stores and web sites seem to go by their sizes and not sizes for all but with how cute their clothes are I wish they carried more sizes/lengths.

When I contacted customer service to see if I had just received two fluke bad quality items they said that other review of them had be good and that who ever packed mine must have not been paying attention because of all the holiday orders. Though with  acknowledging this they did not want to send replacements to be tested.

With all that being said It seems when buying products from the site the quality of the items can be hit and miss. For the two items that did not fall apart  I like them a lot even though the shirt is a bit short( i simply put a tank top under it. Though the two items that did fall apart ,were the two that I was excited for because they were cute.

If you are interested in checking the site out here are all the links:
Gofavor website


  1. All of these are SO cute !!! Great choices :) Thanks for the info on the site, looks like some stuff my daughters would love
    Melissa P. V

  2. Hate it when products aren't quality for a review.

  3. I had a very similar experience with a clothing company based out of an asian country where the quality was poor, customer service didnt care, and the sizes listed are way too small for American bodies. That stinks for you because they look cute in the pictures. Thank you for being honest in your review so that we can make up our own minds with true and real information - KUDOS!
    - jenny at dapperhouse

    1. Hopefully site that are ran by Asian country's That sell the to USA can start making clothing for our sizes. I always write 100% honest reviews, I do not see the point in reviewing products other wise because if you always praise everything then its and advertisement not a review