Thursday, November 15, 2012

Alyson Garvey Jewelry Designs Review


About the shop owner:
"I began designing and creating jewelry in 2001 while in grad school for something completely unrelated. I have found jewelry designing to be a relaxing, creative outlet that's totally separate from my "other life". I am inspired by numerous things from architecture to nature to other masterpieces people create. My work has evolved from basic beading to wire wrapping, etching, metalwork, PMC and enamels. I am certified in both PMC I and II under instructors through PMC Connection out of TX and have taken a course in enamels under the wonderful Susan Moody at the Sarratt Center at Vanderbilt.
In addition to my jewelry business, I have a master's degree in social worker and am an LCSW working in health care. "

Here are the 2 earring she sent me:

On the left: Beaded Earrings, Lemonite Briolette Quartz Earrings ($.36.00)
On the right:Light Blue Enamel on Copper Disc Earrings with Sterling Earwires ($20.00)

First let me say that both pairs are beautiful,Though i have to say my favorite ones are the Quarts earrings. In the short time i have had them  I've been given so many compliments and people asking where to get them. They are both light, and do not hurt your ears at all even though I have sensitive ears. The only thing i did not like is how easy it is to bend the part that goes into your ears.

To buy these or to check out other jewelry buy her go to her etsy store

beautiful jewelry
Nicely made
Good pricing

how easy the ear piece bends

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