Thursday, November 15, 2012

StrandedInTheCity Etsy Review

 StrandedInTheCity Etsy Review

If you love jewelry that is different and beautiful then  you need to check out StrandedInTheCity. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her jewelry its to hard to pick just one or to pieces.

First of all  her pieces come  nicely wrapped. I love the box and think the ribbion gives it and extra cuteness.

Here are the three pieces she sent me

A Locket :D

All three are BEAUTIFUL and good quality pieces. I  have been wearing them NON stop. my only problem  has been not being able to figure out which one to wear, Though I have been finding my self reaching for the locket(top photo) the most.

The locket is so pretty and Its such a pretty blue. also its very easy to open and close.

The second one is so pretty to wear with a dress or a sweater. Its very pretty and elegant.

The last one is a GREAT statement piece. I love all the different chains and charms on it. my favorite charm is the heart charm.

Also let me just say that I have received so many great complements when i wear them.

Beautiful jewelry
Good Quality
Decent prices
Shop owner is very nice and great to work with

Not being able to pic just one!

 UPDATE: Want  to buy somthing? enter "SIMPLE" at checkout to save 20% off your entire order

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