Monday, November 19, 2012

Shany Cosmetics Review

Shany Cosmetics Review

A little about Shany Cosmetics, they were originally only for make up artist  but they are now selling to the public. They  use over 90% natural ingredients to make their products.

Also right now they are doing a giveaway( pictured above) all you have to do is sign up here to be on their mailing list and you are entered.

 First id like to say that the rep i worked with  was very nice and professorial and the shipping was very fast!

Here are the two things they sent me:

 I love the lip glosses though i never thought of silver lip gloss I love the way it looks on. They last long and are not sticky at all which I like, since no one likes sticky lip glosses. Here are a few swatches :

 The applicator is a bit different then I'm used to but it  I find that it made it easier to put the gloss on.

I am amazed by the gel liners, the other gel liners I have tried where always to dry to apply or flaked off. But  theses are so creamy and go on nicely. Also they have amazing staying power, I wore them all day and I still needed to scrub a bit to get them off. I find the best way to is some make up remover and a Q-tip. You can do so many amazing eye looks with the colors in this set!
 Here are the swatches:

The conclusion of my review:
 Both of their lip glosses and gel eye liners are amazing and well worth the money. I cant wait to try more of their prodocts!

Lip gloss Pros:
Easy application
Pretty colors
Stays on well
NOT sticky

Lip gloss cons:

Gel eye liner pros:
Great colors!!
Stays on ALL DAY!
Easy application
Very creamy
A LOT of product in each container

You def. need make up remover to get it off.


  1. I LOVE those gel liners! Glad to hear they have some serious staying's so hard for me to find an eye product that stays put!

  2. Those are gorgeous and amazing. I love the colors of both the glosses and the eye liners!

  3. Great colors! We haven't heard of this brand!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. I love makeup! Finding new brands and products is so much fun. Those glosses look amazing. I really like how pigmented they are.

  5. I've never used a gel liner. Sounds interesting. Thanks, I'll check it out.

    Dee Mauser
    Bella Savvy

  6. They have a ton of chemicals like BHT and Red Lake 40, which causes cancer, never mind all of the parabens!! This is not even close to being 90% natural. Will not purchase!

  7. Love love love Shany products! I got the cosmetic brush set for Christmas and my makeup application is easy and flawless <; Never looked so good <;

  8. I'm very happy with my brushes I have only used MAC brushes in the past but I was in need of some new brushes but did not want to spend an arm and a leg what drew my attention to Shany brushes were the colors and how they were multi use 2 in 1 when they arrived via prime in used them immediately they are soft and easy to grip and I can easily flip over to use the other