Monday, February 16, 2015

Glow 2 Go Review & Giveaway

Photo credits go to :thermalabs ( I will add a photo of my box once I am able to.)

Disclosure: I received this product for free from this company though in exchange for my unbiased review.

First I have to say that this product had many pros and cons. Please keep in mind that a product that does or does not work for me does not mean it will or will not work for you. Everyone is different and may have different results.

I had high hopes for this product due to the MANY great reviews I read, unfortunately I did not have a good experience with this product. I'm not sure if this is due to user error, faulty batch of product or if this product just does not work. The company claims that the tanning towelettes  are; Quick, even, streak free, natural looking tan, and show  within less then 4 hours. With all the amazing reviews I thought that it would go on easy and look amazing.... though that was not the case with my application.

With this product along with any others there were some pro and cons. I like the idea of the smaller towelettes for "half body application" as well as the fact that you receive 20 single wrapped towelettes. with being new to applying fake tanner I opted to just using it on my very white legs.The major con for me was the fact that they are not big enough/have enough product on them to do half of a body.... or at least not an average body. I wear a size 10 and with that being said I would need a lot more then 2 of them. They are very small and thin  and does not feel like it has much product on them since they feel more on the dry side. You can not see if you are evenly applying the product because it goes on clear so I tried to pay good attention  to apply it evenly leaving my knees and feet since I know that they can be hard to tan without making them look unnaturally darker. I also need to mention that the towelette kept bunching and rolling up when I used it so that made it harder to apply.  Keep in mind since I am new at self tanning I do not know if that is common with all towelette or just this one.

The second con is the fact that a tan did not show up with in the 4 hours, After 24 hours I decided to try again  except I used 2 towelettes ( one for each leg) it again did not show up 4 hours later though It did show up about a day and half later. My thighs were darker even though I started with my calves and I was more orange than tan. I also had white blotches on my leg.. not streaks but weird small circular areas that were still white. I unfortunately did not take a after photo due to it finally showing up after I worked a 10 hour shift and with 2 more days of 10 hour shifts all I did was climb into bed and sleep. Now that it has been 2 days since it showed the orange has toned down a bit. I do not know if it came out orange due to me re applying though the package says you can re apply after 4 hours and I waited 24 hours to re apply.  In a few days when it fades I will re try it and take pictures at all stages. Hopefully I will have better luck the second go round. Either way I will edit this post and add the photos and experience.

Even though I would consider this  product a fail in my case I would  like to point out a few positives. The first being that it does not have a strong smell and second it does dry after 4 hours and does not transfer to clothing or your bedding. Also although I think the product needs some work I do really like  the idea   of half body towelette as well as them being single use wrapped.


With all that being said the company did give  My readers a chance to win a box of their own.  So if you are interested In winning a box to try out for  your self  enter in the giveaway widget below.

( Sorry this is by the companies request)

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