Monday, April 14, 2014

Naturvet Review

 I found NaturVet when I started looking online for healthy natural products to help my animals. Before I go into that further let me just say  that I have 4 dogs,3 adult cats,  And 3 Kittens(we are trying to find homes for) a bunch of fish and a lizard. For my Boyfriend and I are animals are our babies, they are more family then pets. So when our babies start having problems we only want the best fore them.

Ok, now with that being said this is what was going on with our babies that had me looking into products for them.
  • One of our Staffshire Bull Terriers(Maddee)  had hip surgery and It still hurts her from time to time and she has bad allergies
  • Our Catahoula leopard dog ( Kenzee) was having problems with her paws. They kept drying and cracking to the point of looking like a  sliced up onion ( when u half it and then not slice all the way)
  • Our hound ( Keylee)  is very skittish and jumpy ( we rescued her from a home that starved her and her sisters)

  • My 13 year old cat( Gracie) has joint issues as well as really bad hair balls :(

 The PR Rep, was not only very nice  and she took the time to get to know what animals I had and which products would  be good for me to try out. With that being said I was VERY surprised that she went above and beyond sending me 10 products! All of them perfectly suited for my animals and the issues they are having.

 Here is what was sent to me along with my reviews:

My Review:  I gave the  stage 2 chews to our Staffshire with a bad hip and it seemed to help a lot but she was still hurting so I gave   her the stage 3 chews and  it has helped her a lot. She does not seem to be in as much pain any more and does not limp any more.

My Review: Due to all of my pups having allergies( grass, flowers you name it) gave this to  all of them EXCEPT Keylee because I gave her the calming aid plus allergy. Though they all seem to benefit from it , Maddee seemed to benefit from it the most. She is no longer getting rashes on her tummy from playing in the grass and non of them are sneezing non stop anymore.

 My Review:  Ok I must say the Aller-911 calming aid plus tabs are the my absolute FAVORITE item they sent me.  First  I have to say our hound is VERY Skittish,  half the time if you walk near her and she  does not see you first she starts wining and what sounds like crying out in pain even though NO ONE is near her or hurting her.  When I gave her the calming aid  she loved the taste of them and acted like she was getting a treat and after about 30min- 1 hour you could see the effect on her. She was  a LOT calmer and no longer freaked out when someone was near her. I have  bought a new bottle every month since.

Hot spot foam:   I used this with the allergy aid  I wrote about earlier, It helped to relive  my dogs  ichyness and let  them heal.

I used the tender foot with the anti-lick spray to help heal my Catahoula leopard dogs paws, I still do not know what caused her pads to get so bad since she is inside most of the time BUT with this comb I have been able to heal her pads almost completely.

My Review:  My senior cat would not eat the senior vitamins at all, Im not sure if she just did not like how they smelled or taste but after tasting them once she would not eat them at all.

She did like and eat the hairball chews and has been hairball free since which I can say both her and I are happy about.

I gave the quiet moments to our  younger female cat  due to her being skittish and jumpy, She seemed  to calm down a lot but it was hit or miss if she wanted to eat them at all.

I would fully recommended every products I have mentioned above, Though I know everyone's results my be different I recommend trying this products along with the rest of their line.

 To check out their products line or where they are sold check out their:

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