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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish Review

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish Review

"It was in the late 1950s when Sally Hansen, together with her chemist husband, pioneered a nail protection formula called Hard As Nails. Touted as “the nail clinic in a bottle,” Hard As Nails established Sally Hansen as what is now the number one brand of nail care.

From the beginning, Sally Hansen prided itself on producing quality nail care. The philosophy was simple: educate the consumer and develop quality, practical products that were competitively priced and easy to use.

While Hard As Nails continues to be a best seller, Sally Hansen has developed into the leading mega brand of nail treatment and color."

Here are the 4 Nail polishes they sent me to review:
Please excuse my messy paint job. I've been having a lot of pain lately which makes my hands a bit shaky :( 

My review:
I have kinda have a love hate relationship with these. I love the purple one(Instant Iris) because it goes on nicely. Though the other three were a bit harder to apply. When I first received them the peach color ( Peachy Breeze) was very clumpy and hard to use, though with that being said i'm not sure if that is because they were mailed to me in 110 degree heat. After having the polishes for about 3-4 weeks the consistency of the peach one became thinner and easier to use.  I find these a bit harder to put on because they are more of a  thinner liquid consistency then the normal thicker ones I tend to go for. With that being said the colors are great, the dry time is amazing and i'm sure if you have more experience as well as a steadier hand they would go on easily for you.

I would defiantly by other colors from this line and just be sure to give my self a few extra min. to clean up my nails a bit once painted.

Great color
Nice Dry time

Thinner consistency

Please note that all my opinions are my own  and your opinion of an item my not be the same.

Please check out  the Sally Hansen website as well a their Facebook and Twitter

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