Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ms Sax 5th Ave Etsy Review

Ms Sax 5th Ave Etsy Review

A little about her shop:
She sells loose eye shadow and porcelain dolls. Here are a couple of her eye shadow colors.
* you receive free random eye shadow samples with every purchase*
A little about why she started making eye shadows:
She became diabetic in the 90's and searched all over to find a natural product that would be safe for her to put near her eyes.
she has been selling eye shadow for years now but only recently started selling on Etsy.

Burgundy shimmer
Navy Night

Her eye shadows:
They are made with all natural cosmetic grade minerals that are made in the U.S as well as bought from FDA approved supplier  in the U.S.  Also her eye shadows do NOT contain any talcs or fillers.All eye shadows are compatible with one another so if you don't see a color you like feel free to mix them and make your own!

My Review:
Here is swatches of a few colors she sent me.

Let me start out by saying I  LOVE all the colors she sent me.The simmer shadows are so pretty.  The goddess green is my Favorite to put in the inner corner to brighten up and look.I have been wearing this eye shadow for over a week now everyday to try them out. First thing i noticed is that even though I have very sensitive eyes the shadow doesn't bother them at all even though they have a lot of glitter in them.  Although will all loose shadows I do recommend either using a primer or Nyx/ La colors jumbo eye pencils to give the shadow a base to stick to. Second they have pretty good wear time about 7-8 hours although  the darker colors seem to stay on longer. 

Also the owner of the shop was nice to work with as well as Fast shipping.

beautiful colors!
You can mix to make your own color!
Average wear time!
Great price!
Sweet shop owner!
nice shopping experince!

Needing a base to help the shadows stick and stay on longer ( same problem with all loose shadows)

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  1. These colors are great. i dont wear a whole lot of makeup anymore but when i am feeling in the mood, these are usually the kinds of colors i choose.