Saturday, September 1, 2012

Luxy Handcrafted Soaps Etsy Review

Luxy Handcrafted Soaps Etsy Review

A little about the owner:
She is from cali and makes hand made soaps,  and bath balms.

What she sent me to review

                                          Bubble bath bomb truffle

This sweet bath treat is loaded with moisture, and will leave you smelling like a cupcake! Treat yourself to this bath time treat! Just drop under running water in your tub and watch the bubbles appear!

            Hawaiian Coconut Milk Soap

This tropical scented soap is made with coconut milk and coconut oil. Shea butter and cocoa butter were added for extra moisturizing. The colors were achieved by mica mineral colorants. Fragrance oils are lime essential oil, island coconut, papaya, and banana. The combo smells wonderful. Great lather.


The etsy store
The products are nicely priced as well as being adorable looking. The shop owner is very sweet and easy to work with.

Bubble bath bomb Truffle

I LOVED The smell of the bath balm, It smelled JUST like a cupcake!! Because of the great smell it makes bath time very relaxing. Though they should come with the warning label " Will  make you VERY hungry when your bath is done!" I had my boy friend and brother smell  it and they both LOVED the smell and asked if it was edible!
It left my skin feeling so smooth and moisturized. 
Also it is very reasonably priced at  $6.99

Hawaiian Coconut milk soap
Again her scents are right on, as soon as i smelled it I fell in love with this one as well. The first scent you pick up is a yummy coconut smell. when I first used it my Boyfriend asked me if i could only use this soap for now on!  

because of the Shea butter she uses in her soaps and bath balms It leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized instead of dried out like most soaps you buy at local stores.
Also it is very reasonably priced at $5.00

Pros:They smell GREAT! Even others around you will notice!
Leaves your skin feeling great!

Looks adorable in your bathroom till you decide to use them!
Reasonably priced!

Will make you VERY hungry after smelling them  in your bath!

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  1. Wow, very nice! I love hand crafted soaps and bubble baths, and these sound wonderful! I can't wait to see what else she offers!