Wednesday, July 8, 2015 A period subscription box review

                TomBoxes are a monthly subscription service for that time of month. You  chose from a selection of tampons and pads. Then tell them your skin tone ,jewelry and fashion choices.  You receive makeup and jewelry along with the pads/or tampons you chose. For an extra $6 a month you can double the amount of jewelry and make.  There is also a choice to add Venus razor blade refill cartridges. It is a GREAT way to get your pads/tampons you need monthly with added bonuses.

 Here is what I received in my box:
List of items in box:
U by kotex 22 count : $2.86
 SO Much to Dew Midnight Mask by SAMPAR: sample size no price
Cargo cosmetics/ jet lag concealer : $30
Cailyn Line fix Gel Eye liner ( black): $21
BellaPierra cheek and lip stain(pink):$19.99
Ciga  Los Angeles : ?
CoolWay Glow Oil Treatment: 29.99 for full size not sure for the sample size I received.
Necklace: ??
Bracelet: ??
eyebrow/eye lash brush ( never new what to call them) : ??

Though I do not have the prices for everything, with the prices that I could find this box is worth over $73. Considering the price of the box varies depending on what you pick it starts at $10. So with that being said this box was WELL worth the price of the box.  

I love everything I received  and I LOVE the 2 "beautiful" boxes they were a great touch.Both jewelry pieces were  very cute  though they did seem a bit "cheap" but, with how much you pay that is to be expected. The only company that I could not find ANY information one was Ciga los Angeles … So if any of you have heard of them or where to buy them please let me know since I could not find anything online.
Tomboxes would be a great gift idea for your self or for any teenagers in your life. It give you the essentials you need and you get a few other items to make your monthly a little bit more happy. 

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Disclosure: One or more of these products may have been given to me for free for review purposes, All opinions are 100% my own and I would only recommend products that I love and think my readers will love.

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