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Hope Paige Medical ID Review

Hope Paige Medical ID  Review

( this is the bracelet I chose to review)

**Disclaimer : I received  products in exchange for a review. All my thoughts and views are 100% my own!**

 Hope Paige medical Id bracelets are great for anyone with medical problems including but NOT limited to sever allergies(food,medication,etc),Diabetes,epilepsy,asthma,stroke,cancer,Multiple Sclerosis,special needs  and many more.

About Hope Paige:

"Hope Paige, headquartered in West Conshohocken, PA, mixes fashion and style with function and purpose as one of the foremost designers of contemporary medical emergency bracelets, awareness jewelry, and licensed designs. 

Founded in December 2003, Hope Paige has grown dramatically since its inception. Developed initially to raise awareness of breast cancer, Hope Paige quickly branched out to help other organizations raise awareness of their causes.  Today, Hope Paige partners with Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Kids With Food Allergies, The College Diabetes Network and many others. Other corporate customers and partners (current and past) include The Coca-Cola Corporation, The McDonald's Corporation and The Hershey Foods Corporation. 

Hope Paige developed their first medical bracelet for a teen who refused to wear the clunky, old fashioned medical identification bracelets that were on the market at the time. Realizing there were many people who shared her feelings, an entire line of fashionable medical emergency bracelets for men, women, boys and girls was developed. "

A little about me and why I reached out to hope Paige  to review a medical alert bracelet:

I Reached out to them because I have 5 severe allergies and I am required to carry and

 EPI-Pen at all times. I  am allergic to penicillin, Dilaudid, seafood,iodine,& bees.  Because of the severity  of my allergies I feel  it is a necessity to wear a medical alert bracelet. It helps to let other know what your allergies/medical problem is in an emergency!

My Review:

First, of all I have to say the rep I was working with Is amazing and very helpful. I was unsure which bracelet to review and as well as unsure how to abbreviate my allergies due to the fact that they can only do 22 letters on each line(3 lines).  she took the time to help me  figure out what to engrave  as well as helping me to pick out the bracelet. 

Second, Not only was the engraving and shipping very fast but they also packaged it very nicely to keep it safe during shipping

The bracelet itself looks great. so many medical alert bracelets are plain and not very feminine and I love that  the one I chose  is functional and stylish. The engraving looks great, it includes everything I asked them to includes and because they have the sizes on the website(in inches) It fit my wrist perfectly!

In all I love my bracelet  and enjoyed the whole experience. I DEFINITELY recommend that you check them out.

If you would like to check them out please go to their web site HERE

Also check out their Facebook, Twiitter, and Youtube 

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