Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Starlooks Starbox Review

January Starlooks Starbox Review

Starlooks Is a subscription service in which you receive a Starbox filled with 3-4 deluxe Makeup/beauty samples delivered to your door for $15 a month. If you happen to miss a box one month that you want you can buy it after they do the monthly shipment for $25. You may also gift  a Starbox to someone buying a guest subscription service.

Januray's Starbox  contained 2 eye liners, a blush, an eye shadow brush and a surprise  bracelet.

  A Bracelet by Abby Rose design etsy store
 Diamondline Pencil in Fancy
 Eye pencil in Brown

Blush in Cuty Peach
 Soft small dome fluffy brush

Cuty Peach

 I tried out the  both eye liners first the brown on the top lid and the green on the lower lash line. Both eye liners  go on soft and creamy. The card they sent along with the products says the Brown is smudge proof and the Fancy(green) is water proof both both smudge very easily. Though if you wait a little while after applying it does become smudge proof, if you find that it still smudges on you then you can apply a matching shadow  to the top to help seal it.
( here is a photo showing how it smudges if you dont let it sit for a minuet or two)

The blush:
 Very soft  and easy to apply, just keep in mind that it is VERY pigmented and a little will go a long way. There is also a tiny bit of gold pearlecense in it so it will help highlight your check bone.

 soft small dome eye shadow brush:
 contains 100% cruelty free pony hair. Great for blending eye shadow or eye liner for a smokey look.

 Bracelet From ABBY ROSE DESIGN:
 When I first saw it my first thought was how cute it is. After wearing it  I found  that though it was cute the smaller strand of beads kept unwrapping from the larger strand of beads. which made it a bit difficult to wear.
If you would like to check them out  here is their links:
Starlook web site
Starlooks look book

Disclaimer: These items where sent to me solely for review purposes, all reviews are my own personal  opinions and 100% honest.


  1. Oooo..I LOVE Starbox! This month's box looks especially tempting!

    1. Ive been subbscribed for 2 monthes now and have LOVED everything.

  2. Tis is so fun to get surprise goodies in the mail! I bet the green liner was fun to try and made a different look for your eyes. jenny at dapperhouse

  3. I LOVE starlooks! I just my January box today and I love the quality of their products. I am so addicted!

  4. I love the different eye liners! I'm totally going to have to check Starlooks out, I keep hearing so much about them.

  5. pretty colors! I've been debating getting one to see what they're's on my list to try!!

  6. I love Starbox! They always have such nice items! I really like the two eye pencils...great colors!