Saturday, October 13, 2012

TerraandBody Etsy Review

TerraandBody Etsy Review

About the owner:
 "Im a single mom in the state of Georgia who loves making bath and body products!
 I know just about everything there is to know about any movie.
 I have a beautiful daughter named Storey.
 Im fueled off Redbull and Sushi.
 And have a big crush on David Grohl. "     

About the shop:
   "My skin is extremely sensitive, my mother calls it "expensive skin" because I can never use anything cheap on my body (jewelry, soap, etc.). I went to Walmart to buy some soap one day and was shocked at the fact that everything I picked up had the words "facial BAR" or "moisturizing WASH" ...never once was the actual word "soap" mentioned and the ingredients were all 12 letter words that I couldn't pronounce. I started making and using my own 4 ingredient soaps so that my skin would stop breaking out and stop getting rough dry patches. My soap worked so well, and after getting so many compliments on my skin, I started handing out bars to friends and family members. Everyone raved over them and convinced me to start selling. I've been in the soap business for almost a year now, and after many craft festivals and my Etsy store picking up, I couldn't be happier. I'm constantly experimenting with new ways to wrapping my soaps, new pictures, new labels, etc. but my soap recipes will always remain the same because they actually work."

What she sent for review:
She had sent me 1 Jasmine green tea soap, 3 soap samples,vanilla lip-balm, and sex panther bath salt.
Unfourtunaly my landlord ( who lives above me) decided to put the package out side my door where my 4 dogs could get it ( after repeatedly getting told to not do this). So instead of finding the package I found this:

My dogs  I thought had ate everything except the soap( or what was left of it), but a few days later I learned that they had buried the soap samples to eat later :/. I joked with her later that she should start making dog treats as well.

With that said I did clean up the soap and try it so i could do a review on the soap at least.

My review,
First, of all I love the smell of it, The scent is very relaxing.   I love how moisturizing  and soft it leave your skin. Also because of the natural ingredients It also has a bit of and exfoliating affect when you use it as well. The prices are great for the amount you get. $6 for a 3.5-4.2 ounce bar.

Smells great!
Leaves your skin feeling soft!


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  1. I will laugh only b/c my dog has eaten things b/f. So far no items to review /bf I reviewd them.

  2. Hehe, my dogs would have done the same thing! You can always find the most awesome products on Etsy :)