Friday, April 7, 2017

Chrsitian Strong Tee shirt review

Christian Strong Tee shirt review

Disclosure: One or more of these products may have been given to me for free for review purposes, All opinions are 100% my own and I would only recommend products that I love and think my readers will love.

 I was recently chosen to do a review for a Christian tee shirt site and right away was excited about it.  A few things to know about me is I love Jesus, being involved with my church and dressing comfy.

First of all, I love the name of their site  ChristianStrong, as well as all the different options they have for men and women to choose from.  I chose a Xl in men's since that is my husband's size and though his shirts are a little big one me they are still wearable.  I am not sure if it is all their shirts or just this one but I find it to fit more of a men's 2x then an XL. It was big on my husband and VERY big on me ( I wear a women's Xl as a reference).

With that being said the shirt itself is great quality and comfortable. Both my husband and I have worn it ( though I only did around the house). It also held up very well in the wash and did not shrink at all when I washed it in hot.

If you are looking for a comfy shirt and want one that that shows your love of Jesus then I  highly recommend checking out their website!They have many options to choose from for the whole family
for a very reasonable price!

( I will add more pictures soon  of my husband and I wearing  it for size reference) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bouchard chocolate Review

This review is for those of you dark chocolate  lovers out there. Bouchard chocolate  makes a dark chocolate  that is 72% cacao.   if your mouth is watering and it should be please continue reading. 

Disclosure: One or more of these products may have been given to me for free for review purposes, All opinions are 100% my own and I would only recommend products that I love and think my readers will love.

From their site
We believe chocolate is best in its purest form, which is why we use natural ingredients to create our signature Napolitains. These prepackaged chocolate bites are a perfect grab-n-go treat. Browse through our four fantastic flavors to learn more about the authentic taste of Bouchard’s Napolitains."

My Review:
 When I first received the chocolates I did not want to share with anyone as I'm sure many of you  chocolate lovers out there would understand. But I did share them with my fiance , as well as his aunt and uncle.  To say they were well liked would be and understatement.  I ended up leaving them with a few more to enjoy later :) .

They taste amazing and are very smooth with a strong dark chocolate taste.  All 4 of us  loved them  and could not stop thinking of things to add them to like ice cream.   The single  wrapped package is great since you will only need 1 or 2 with how rich they are.

I would recommend this to ANYONE who loves dark chocolate as well as anyone who would love to try it . #BouchardChocolate  It is also sold at costco! so for those of  you with a membership id said its a MUST BUY :)

They have many other flavors as well including dark chocolate mint.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Compressions Brand Adjustable Velcro Neoprene Knee Support Brace Review

Ok ,for those of you have been reading my blog/social media for a while now know I have been having a few health problems. Auto immune issues along with my knee hurting due to a work injury. with that being said I was asked to review a knee brace and this is how I felt about it.

 What the site states:
"Adjustable Velcro (customize your size), Neoprene (it's breathable) with Spring Steel Side Stays (for more lateral support) knee brace for all activities.

*What can you look forward to? This brace provides support and relief for Arthritis, Tendonitis, ACL and Meniscus tears. It stabilizes the knee to provide support even laterally.

*One size fits 12" to 18" knee circumference with velcro fastenings to adjust the tension exactly where needed.
Other benefits include silicon anti-slip strips to prevent slipping. Very comfortable compared to similar knee braces without being bulky. Light, breathable and flexible. Just the support your need to regain confidence while exercising."

This knee brace is great for a wide variety of knee issues and  gives great support.  It has a no-slip grip on them wich i love since I do not have to keep re adjusting it, My knee  tends to get really sore and locks up but  when using this brace I  get a lot of relief from the pain.  I also love  that it is a compression one since most braces didn't seem to get tight enough for me.

My fiance who has bad knees ( from the military) also loves it. though he has 2 braces the VA has given him he will still wear this one when I am not wearing it.

Fully recommend to anyone with knee pain/injuries!!

Click here to buy it


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pique Tea review

Like tea, but hate how long  it takes  to makes? Running out the door and  do not have time ? Then this Product and review are  for you!
Disclosure: One or more of these products may have been given to me for free for review purposes, All opinions are 100% my own and I would only recommend products that I love and think my readers will love.

Pique Tea has crystallized tea and  put it in single serving packs. The Tea can be mixed into Hot or cold water.

I was given a variety pack so I could try  more then one flavor . I prefer cold/sweet tea and my Fiance Prefers hot tea so I had him also try them with me.

We both love how much easier it is to pour and go instead of having to have it steep. I drink tea in the morning and bring it in a thermos to work, thought I try and let its  steep before work some times I have to have to put it in and head to work which leaves it way to strong for me( my drive to work is 15 min).  with the packets I no longer have to worry about it. I can pour it in add in my honey and go.

My fiance likes  how fast they are as well  since normally hes to lazy and asks me to make him tea :P  but now he can put our kettle  on and once the water is ready just pour it along with the packet in and be ready to go.

All of the flavors taste great as well :) You really can not go wrong with any of them. They are sold in single flavor packs and variety packs at their store in  SF California or their website 

you can check out their other social media here:
Facebook   Instagram   Twitter   Pinterest 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Maybelline Color sensation Vivid Matte Liquid Vox Box Review

I received a VoxBox from Influenster  containing 2 Maybelline Color Sensation Vivid matte Liquid for free in exchange for my Honest review.
#review #ad

I was excited to see that I was selected  for another Vox Box from Influenster.  This time It was for Maybellines new color sensation Vivid Matte Liquid!  I received two colors 
"Nude Flush"

 "Rebel red"

My review:
They claim that if you do one swipe/coat then you will get a matte finish but if you do more then one then it will be more of a creamy/ mouse texture/ finish. With that being said I have not been able to get it to be matte since I can not get 1 swipe/coat to not be patchy. So I have been wearing it with more the creamy texture.  This might be user error but I have tried Repeatedly.

Both are Extremely Pigmented  and beautiful colors!  Though Reds are not really a color I use often, I have been loving "rebel red"! It is very flattering on. I have always LOVED nude lipstick and I Absolutely LOVE  "Nude Flush"  it has become one of my go to nudes.

 There is two Negatives I have found for these.
1. VERY strong perfume scent/taste :( .
2. Maybelline Is NOT a cruelty free brand

I would recommend these to anyone that does is not sensitivity to strong scents/tastes as well as those who  do not mind that they test on animals.  Though I only buy cruelty free I do review products that are sent to me through companies like influenster or ipsy( I pay for my subscription).

I was sent these for free from influenster in exchange for an honest review. #review #ad

Thursday, April 21, 2016

St. Ives® Live Radiantly VoxBox

I received  St. Ives® Nourishing and soothe oatmeal and Shea butter lotion , along with the Nourished and smooth body scrub  From Influenster to review.

I have Very sensitive skin and eczema on my hand so I was excited to try both of these from St. Ives®.
First of all the scrub is VERY gentle and does not leave your skin feeling dried out like most scrubs do! It did not flair up my eczema on my hand up at all and my skin was left feeling soft!

The lotion was great as well. It smells great and it very soothing! my only complaint with it is that its not a very thick consistency at all which is what i prefer in a lotion. with that being said it still gets the job done and does not irritate your skin in the process!